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Through talent assessment & development, Synthesis inspires the behavioral and mindset changes needed to reach ambitious business goals.

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Whether you are looking to compare candidates or to uncover hidden leadership potential in your current workforce, Synthesis helps you know who to invest in and how.

Synthesis has the technology to identify leadership potential.

It all begins and ends with leadership. With Synthesis,
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Leadership is key to your company’s success. You need the right people in the right roles and for them to work well together. Sounds simple enough but it’s not.

Building great leadership is multifaceted. It includes understanding where you are, where you want to go and what you need to do to get there. From candidate selection through to helping a new executive onboard to ironing out communication issues within a team, Synthesis supports you whatever the leadership challenge.

We believe that success is more critical than excellence.

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We’re So Much More Than an Assessment & Development Company

Synthesis is the brain child of Inbal Arieli and Shirley Schatka who together combined seemingly opposite worlds: Israeli elite military units and the world of executive coaching.

After finishing their mandatory military service in the Israel Defence Forces, both founders, Inbal Arieli and Shirley Schlatka, went on to become leaders, each following her own unique path. Following her academic studies at Tel Aviv University, Inbal became one of the leading figures of the Israeli tech industry, and a popular speaker on subjects relating to military culture and practices. Meanwhile, Shirley gained recognition as a thought leader and a prominent academic figure in the field of executive coaching in the US.

In time, the similarities between the business world and that of elite military units became clear to both women. Drawing on their different experiences, they noticed that both environments are fast-paced, high-stress and goal-oriented. They then decided to merge the wealth of the business world with the decades of valuable knowledge and wisdom that the military world has accumulated. If applied correctly, they realized, the fusion of both worlds can greatly benefit many people.

They then made it their goal to improve the abilities of leadership teams who work in environments that require agility, tolerance for change, an ability to deal with ambiguity and a passion for constantly moving forward. And so Synthesis was born.

Synthesis has helped over 50 companies across the globe improve their leadership and reach their goals.

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