"Synthesis asks the hard questions to drive alignment and accountability, creating an environment to develop high performing teams."

Alex Deegan, Principal, Juggernaut Capital Partners

Alex Deegan

Understand how to get the highest value from the executive team.

A solid business strategy and promising financials aren’t enough. Companies need a strong team of professionals to lead them.

Synthesis Due DiligenceTM provides investors with an understanding of what it means to work with a specific leadership team and what is necessary to make this investment successful in terms of executive talent.

Main Benefits

Main Benefits

Fast, non-intrusive and effective data collection

Thorough yet focused assessments

Uncover capability gaps, points of friction and differences in decision making

Determine how well your leadership style will mesh with the existing team

What to expect from

Briefing meeting


Online questionnaire


Individual assessments


Organizational assessment


Strengths & weaknesses table


Leadership indicators


Talent chart


Debrief call

Case study

The Case of a Transatlantic Acquisition

How we helped a European company set its first stakes in the North American market.

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