quote-mark The coaching process has provided me with an opportunity to be proactive and make choices and decisions on where I want to lean in as CEO. I am a believer in always challenging myself, asking the tough questions and then translating that into action and that is what is coaching helps me do. quote-mark

Eric Poirier

Eric Poirier

A leadership boost

Synthesis Executive CoachingTM supports executives in bringing their performance to the next level. Using the same principles as agile software development, including sprints, hypothesis, experiments, and feedback loops, Synthesis applies this breakthrough methodology to rapid people development.

Main Benefits

Work with top experts in the field

Master the agile methodology

Turn fear of change into excitement

Grow faster than ever before

What to expect from

Online questionnaire


Individual assessment


90-day individual Agile Action Plan


6 executive coaching sessions

The Case of the Same Team, Different Roles

The CEO of a family business needed to help his team adapt to their new roles.

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