quote-mark Using the Agile Action Planning method has allowed me to set higher goals for myself and for my organization and to achieve them. quote-mark

For sustainable and meaningful professional growth

Synthesis GrowthTM is an interactive app that teaches employees how to easily and expertly improve – whatever their professional goals are.

Follow the steps defined in your personal Agile Action Plan, get feedback from peers and superiors, and learn by experimenting in a safe environment – all in an easy-to-use app.

Synthesis GrowthTM offers flexibility of usage for learners and can be adapted to varied training needs.

Main Benefits

A proven method that people stick with

Creates discipline, structure and accountability

Overcomes barriers to change

What to expect from

Track progress


Collaborate and share feedback


Peer-to-peer coaching

The Case of Exponential Growth

How Synthesis helped a startup ensure that employees’ skills kept up with the company’s needs.

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