"Synthesis takes away all the filters and
makes it easy to understand who a person
is and how they will fit on the team."

Roger Green, Founder and Former Chairman, Ipswitch

Roger Green
Founder and Former Chairman


It’s not about where they’ve been but where they can go.

Synthesis Selection™ saves you precious time, money and effort by avoiding crucial hiring mistakes.

We ask the hard questions and use proprietary tools to help you quickly understand if an executive has the leadership capabilities you’re looking for or the potential to grow into them.

Main Benefits

Main Benefits

Reduce costly hiring errors

Assess culture fit and leadership potential

Evaluate candidates bias-free

What to expect from

Briefing meeting


Online Questionnaire


Organizational Assessment


Individual Assessment


Strengths & weaknesses table


Leadership Rating


Debrief call

Case study

The Case of Hiring a New CEO

Tel Software, a startup in the telecommunication sector, needed our help in making a strategic, informed choice about a new CEO they were considering to hire.

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