"The presentation was thought provoking... I found the key thoughts around potential over knowledge/experience, agile mindset, success over excellence and a flat structure were all topics I would like to dive into further and understand how we might drive some of this thought process into our organization."

Greg Hendrick, CEO, AXA XL

Greg Hendrick

Learn from the experts.

Synthesis SeminarsTM are an opportunity to learn from industry thought leaders how to develop and perfect crucial skills from communication, to teamwork, to collecting and implementing feedback processes.

Whether a workshop or a talk, Synthesis tailors the learning experience to your organization’s specific needs.

Main Benefits

Main Benefits

Gain new skills and improve existing ones

Share and learn from experts

Come together as a team

What to expect from

'From Special Forces to the Boardroom' Talk

Signatory talk by Inbal Arieli, Synthesis co-CEO, on what executive teams of growth companies can learn from IDF elite military units


Decision-making Workshop

Learn how to establish a framework and processes for effective decision making within an organization


Giving and Receiving Feedback Workshop

Teaches teams how to give and receive feedback, and implement processes to accommodate feedback organically


Setting a Company Culture Workshop

Identify & develop your company’s organizational culture


Customized workshops

According to your organizational needs, we are happy to use our expertise to design a workshop

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