"The Synthesis process has helped me to be more intentional, make better decisions and communicate them well. It is not about being a different leader, it is about being the best version of yourself that you can be and then pushing yourself beyond that."

Sean Dalfen, President & Chief Investment Officer, Dalfen Industrial

Sean Dalfen
President & Chief Investment Officer

Optimizing your “A” team

Successful teams are those that are aligned around goals and excel at productive communication.

Synthesis Agile WorkshopsTM are an opportunity to step back, recognize what isn’t working within your team and reaffirm what truly matters.

The results are improved communication, team alignment around realistic goals and a plan for how to achieve them together.

Main Benefits

Main Benefits

Leverage your strengths to improve performance

Develop problem solving skills

Build productive communication patterns

What to expect from

Agile People Development methodology

Teaches a sustainable model for change (individually and as a team)


Team Agile Action Plan

Participants leave with a practical plan for dealing with organizational challenges and opportunities


Led by Synthesis executive coaches

Case study

The Case of Difficult Team Dynamics

How we helped a large beverage company identify crucial points of failure in its team’s communication patterns, overcome them, and build a sustainable model for handling conflict and change.

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